Tuia 250 ki Tūranga is about our people and our place - what brought us together, what challenges us, and how we weave our differences into a future we will be proud to leave our grand-children.

Tuia 250 ki Tūranga actively explores the stories on land and at sea.

We will recognise and commemorate two extraordinary voyaging traditions and cultures –each with their legacies and technologies, opportunities and vulnerabilities.

But most importantly, Tuia 250 ki Tūranga will make room for conversations, some of them awkward, all of them vital to forging a shared future.

Coming Events

In 2019, at home and around the country, Tuia – Encounters 250 will recognise our nation’s rich voyaging and navigating traditions spanning some 1,000 years.

We will explore the many extraordinary feats of our tipuna, those early Pacific voyagers and navigators who reached and settled in Aotearoa as far back as the thirteenth century.

We will acknowledge our European navigating history and the pivotal moment our two cultures met in 1769.

We will look to the future.

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Join us

Join us in Tūranga/Gisborne, for Tuia 250 ki Tūranga – an opportunity to explore the multiple histories of our region – told with honesty, truth and grace. Because…

“When we tell stories of origin, of identity of inspiration and of purpose, we arrive at moments of unity, we arrive at moments of togetherness”.

- Bishop Donald Tamihere